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Why Get CAP Certified? The Catharsis Application Program has been rigorously tested in hundreds of care settings with thousands of patients throughout the United States and Europe. As a certified trainer you and your patients will get a life-changing and easy-to-implement tool for more rapidly identifying and expressing emotions. It is an ideal tool for people in need of restoring emotional balance but who are reluctant, or less able, to engage in psychotherapy or conventional analysis. You’ll access the CAP programmatic music, get direct support from the developers of the CAP method, assessment expertise, tool kits, best practices, case studies and many more supportive resources.
Chantal, TEDx - Case Study You Will Learn to: Understand the role of therapeutic sessions using graphic expression under musical induction as a means to facilitate a deep emotional work with your patients/clients Apprehend the nature of the transformative processes involved in the therapeutic dynamics established when using mediation with art as a medium. Evaluate the benefits associated with artistic mediation in mental health, psychotherapy, counseling and personal development Assess your patients specific expression of emotions in their drawing, written comments, verbalizations Offer an in depth work on emotions to your clients using the power of symbols and archetypes in a very useful and practical way Interprete the expression of a wide range of issues in drawings and build a very individualized and unique therapeutic project Benefits of CAP in Your Practice: Adds a powerful method to stimulate the expression of traumatic or repressed emotions Increases healing insights for both therapist and patient around emotional and behavioral suffering Three levels of training to fit the needs of your practice Easily implemented; no need to be an art or music therapist Complements your daily practice Convenient in any therapeutic and personal growth environment Online community of practitioners Support calls Webinars

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A program which weaves art & music into a unique and unprecedented therapeutic intervention. A very structured methodology for accurately assessing the nature of a problem and for monitoring treatment progress. A groundbreaking artistic mediation which addresses deep emotional core issues unobtrusively and can overcome clients resistance to change.
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Chantal Desmoulins c/o Zaradich, 333 W. Broadway # 653 ANAHEIM, CA 92815 When therapists choose to use the CAP methodology that combines drawing under musical induction, writing and verbalization, they provide their clients with a very efficient tool to become active participants in their own treatment and thus facilitate self-discovery, change, and restoration.
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