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When music, imagery, and motor systems work together the healing outcomes are both rapid and dramatic. This unique combination of structured music, creative expression and projective tests provides a new and powerful way to treat emotional and mental health conditions. The Catharsis Application Program is a therapeutic method that weaves art, music and psychological assessments into an innovative intervention that helps individuals to more rapidly unlock healing insights in emotional trauma, addictions, and other psychological and behavioral conditions. It also triggers marked memories and responses in people with cognitive conditions. Anne — 17 years old, High School
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CAP is not traditional music therapy, in which a patient engages with and / or in music, but is a deliberate and structured clinical approach that combines drawing, specific musical stimulation, symbolic and psychological interpretation and assessment.
Gaby - Retirement Home
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Lucienne - After Care Psychiatric Clinic
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The CAP method is a remarkable new tool for mental health practitioners to address patients’ deep emotional core issues and help them overcome resistance to change.
Patrick - Rehab Center for Disabled Workers
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A universal tool available to mental health practitioners across the globe. It can help heal trauma, depression, anxiety, relieve PTSD, curb addiction, deal with life transition and reduce dementia symptoms.
Patient presents with obsessive neurosis and severe and incapacitating phobias, by Psychiatrist, Dr J. Verdeau Pailles ”A first series of drawing allows him to come to a new level and to substantially enrich the psychotherapy: there is a radical change of drawing style, which until now had been exclusively geometric and lifeless, to the appearance of living forms and loaded symbols linked to his issues. The second series allows him to go even further: he is freed of his symptom (diarrhea) and mourns its passing. He makes a big step by representing the parts of his body. He projects them onto the paper and simultaneously asks if we could talk about him and his experience. Looking at the last collage, Dr. Verdeau- Pailles sums up the patient's release from symptoms: “This music is much more than a projective test; it is a therapeutic tool.”
The rain, the water, …that's my problem, my diarrhea. Water is part of my personality.
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This is the most successful, session since the beginning. All the symbolism is there.
Music The core of the method is the music itself. The musical selections and the progression of the selections are designed to resonate with universal archetypes in the subconscious mind. CAP music was composed and recorded through improvisation. It was not composed with the intention of creating a certain effect on listeners, and can thus be considered “non-conditioning.” As studies have shown, the spontaneous nature of music is of undeniable importance in therapy with musical induction. The music allows listeners to break through mental barriers without setting off a self-protection mechanism. The cathartic function of the music brings past traumatic experiences to the surface and serves as a means of releasing the emotional baggage tied to them. It is also shown to activate the body-mind relationship in cognitive and neurophysiological conditions. CAP music is a restorative and empowering technique for all ages. Art Associated with graphic expression, the music allows the narration and release of the emotional organization of a large range of mental and behavioral conditions. The pictures reveal, in a symbolic language, the keynotes of a problem and offer a platform for resolution and connection for patient and therapist. Assessments CAP Pre- and post-evaluations, provide tools to assess different aspects of the patient’s progress. The data helps determine what has remained unchanged and what has radically evolved. It documents progress and measures clinical outcomes. All tests are standard personality tests and can be used alone to help assess the emotional functioning of the individual. This therapy can be implemented without incorporating graphic expression, allowing the CAP method to be used easily in any therapeutic environment. The team at the Planet-CAP has been demonstrating that this approach is transforming patients and more rapidly unlocking healing in emotional trauma, cognitive conditions, addictions, and other psychological and behavioral conditions.


A program which weaves art & music into a unique and unprecedented therapeutic intervention. A very structured methodology for accurately assessing the nature of a problem and for monitoring treatment progress. A groundbreaking artistic mediation which addresses deep emotional core issues unobtrusively and can overcome clients resistance to change.
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Chantal Desmoulins c/o Zaradich, 333 W. Broadway # 653 ANAHEIM, CA 92815 When therapists choose to use the CAP methodology that combines drawing under musical induction, writing and verbalization, they provide their clients with a very efficient tool to become active participants in their own treatment and thus facilitate self-discovery, change, and restoration.
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