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Our Team If it was not for a team of forward thinking professionals who have an enthusiasm for innovation and the passion to guide others on a unique and profound path toward self discovery, the development of this methodology would have remained a mere vision. Both Dr. Alain Amouyal and Chantal Desmoulins wish to acknowledge the expertise and spirit of the following individuals who were instrumental in making this concept a reality. Since its inception, we have had the honor and privilege to work with senior professionals who are part of a great chain of innovative and passionate human researchers. Their lives have been dedicated to the service of an evolutionary ideal. We pay tribute to these remarkable individuals: • Dr. Michel Gabriel Mouret, psychiatrist, was the first professional in 1981, to detect the mobilizing effect of Alain Amouyal's music and the first, untiring researcher, to associate it with graphic expression. For several years he shared with us his enthusiasm and immense knowledge in the areas of symbolic imagery and anthropology, while directing us on our own paths of discovery. • Dr. Lucien Duclaud, psychiatrist and pioneer in his field of expertise, has since 1985 exhibited the best use of our program of graphic expression under musical induction in his psychiatric aftercare clinic. He put to the test our proposal and verified our assumptions, while simultaneously allowing thousands of patients to benefit from this approach. Because of his efforts and dedication he has helped many recover from serious and/or disabling conditions. • Dr. David Feldman, neurobiologist and acoustic therapist, who designed rehabilitation programs which assess and restore the deficiencies and disruptions of neuro-cognitive structures and work with those exhibiting the syndrome identified as central auditory processing disorders (C.A.P.D). During his work with autistic children he has highlighted the converging effect of Alain Amouyal's music and its ability to stimulate creativity. We were fortunate enough to have him as a friend and share both his love for music (he is a conductor) and rigorous scientific methodology. He brought us much insight in the formalizing of our protocols. • Dr. Jacqueline Verdeau-Paillès, psychiatrist and music therapist, an extraordinary woman who loved opera and had a phenomenal musical culture. All her life, she contributed tirelessly, both nationally and internationally, to provide an essential place to music therapy and art therapy in the field of psychiatry. Her intelligence, her enthusiasm, her humanity were an example for all. As her legacy, she left several major writings, in which the depth of her insights remains to be discovered. It would be nearly impossible for us to individually acknowledge all the many professionals with whom we have been fortunate to work, but we thank them for their loyalty and trust, as well as for all the feedback we received, which allowed us to refine our protocols.
Chantal Desmoulins
CO-FOUNDER OF CATHARSIS TECHNIQUE & CAP - EDUCATOR & TRAINER Born in France, Ms. Desmoulins channeled her passion for research and her intellectual curiosity into the study of foreign and French literature and linguistics at the University of Grenoble. She holds a DEA (advanced diploma equivalent to six years of post-graduate study) from The Center for Research of the Imaginary (Centre de recherche sur l'imaginaire – CRI, Stendhal University - Grenoble 3, France), where she focused her research on the study of the organized system of images. In 1981 she met Dr. Alain Amouyal, and was so impressed by the psychological power of his music that she invested her considerable expertise in symbolism, anthropology, psychology and pedagogy into the organization of his research, drafting of a therapeutic protocol and analyzing the results. Since 1985, Ms. Desmoulins has supervised the implementation of The Catharsis Technique – a specialized method of graphic expression under the induction of Dr. Amouyal's music, designed to facilitate the emergence of repressed emotions – at facilities in France, Switzerland, and the United States. She trains medical and mental health personnel nationally and internationally and has delivered more than 100 conferences world-wide. Today, Ms. Desmoulins specializes in the training of practitioners for private practice, retirement homes, and rehabilitation centers, and supervises the analysis of the patients' drawings. This ongoing relationship with both the practitioners and the patients allows her to ensure the utmost quality in the application of The Catharsis Technique, and to maximize the positive results for the patients.
Alain Amouyal
CO-FOUNDER OF CATHARSIS TECHNIQUE & CAP - Composer of CT & CAP-Programmatic Music Trained and practicing for over 30 years as a dental surgeon, with his DDS diploma from the Aix-Marseille II University (France), Dr. Amouyal began his musical journey as a guitarist and bassist in a rock band at age thirteen. He is one of the designers of an internationally recognized recording studio, which he directed for 15 years. As a composer, Dr. Amouyal has had over 15 CDs recorded and released by his company Silcord S.A. Publishing, and distributed by Eroica Classical Recordings. He had the privilege of recording his first symphonic work with the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices at Abbey Road Studio 1 in London in 1999. Dr. Amouyal began improvising on the organ at age twenty-three, and followed with formal studies in ear-training and music theory. Realizing that his organ improvisations had a profound effect on those listening, he began to play recordings of his music at his dental practice and remarked that the majority of his patients experienced a release of tension and relaxation. A psychiatrist colleague became curious as to what therapeutic effect Dr. Amouyal's music would have on his patients, and began using the music for graphic expression sessions in his clinic. A 5-hour musical program was created, intended for use by psychiatrists and psychotherapists, who still use it 25 years later with great success. Together with Chantal Desmoulins, and with the cooperation of mental health professionals in France and Switzerland, Dr. Amouyal experimented with thousands of drawings from thousands of patients as he selected which of his compositions he would construct into what became the central tool of The Catharsis Technique and the Catharsis Application Program. Dr. Amouyal is presently developing a large-scale art-therapy project, The Orpheus Project.
Dr. Christian Simonin
PhD in Neuropsychiatry Dr. Christian Simonin is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist working both in private practice and a rehabilitation Center. In his book, The Intelligence of the Living (Testez Editions, 2009) co-written with Dr. Alain Horvilleur, several pages devoted to the Catharsis Technique enrich the chapter on the intelligence of the body. 
Anne-Marie Brissy Pace
Anne-Marie BRISSY PACE is active as a psychotherapist holding a Professional Master of Psychopathological Psychology and Somatic Clinic.  After working for ten years in a hospital environment, in the fields of psychiatry and the somatic (units of pulmonary diseases, cardiology, neurology, nephrology and trauma), she now develops a private practice with adolescents and adults. After a university education which mainly focused on Freudian psychoanalysis, she was trained in sexology, psycho-genealogy, biological decoding, and expressive art therapy with the Catharsis Technique. In addition she is experienced in psycho-corporeal and emotional therapies such as Rebirth. She offers therapies for both individuals and groups to help patients focus on the totality of their person in order to find harmony between the physical, emotional, mental and even the spiritual levels. She accomplishes this through her work that focuses on the presence and awareness of breath and bodily sensations which allows patients to put into words and meaning the pains they suffer from.
Dr. Janis Gruska, as a licensed naturopathic doctor, offers the best in integrative medicine. She strives to create an attentive and compassionate atmosphere where a person can heal and be heard. The fusion of modern medical knowledge with traditional healing methods assures comprehensive medical care with individualized support. Her work incorporates an extensive selection of complementary medical therapies which includes homeopathy, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, and mind/body counseling. Dr. Gruska is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She has practiced alternative healing methods since 1991. In Phoenix, Arizona she served on the faculty of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine as an associate professor in gynecology and pediatrics. As a medical consultant, she has collaborated with hospitals in Asia and Latin America to offer medical services to international clients. Her private practice in primary care medicine focuses on women's and children's healthcare with an emphasis on supporting positive change through life transitions.
Daniel ALvillar LCSW, MS
Daniel Alvillar graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California with dual master degrees from the USC School of Social Work and the USC School of Gerontology in 2006. From 2007 – 2018, Mr. Alvillar worked for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. To address his clients’ wide ranging issues, he often sought and received training in evidenced based modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Acceptance Commitment Therapy; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy; Interpersonal Psychotherapy; and, Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Trauma. To increase his clinical acumen, he sought additional training in hypnosis and a model called Mental Emotional Release. More recently he has received training in Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Training. Other professional interests: Mr. Alvillar was also an adjunct professor with the University of Southern California in 2017 and 2018. He taught the following course both on-campus and online, “Assessment and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders.” From 2010 to present, he has worked as a per diem hospice social worker where he assists patients and families address issues related to death and dying. He has been working part-time for a non-profit center since November 2018 that works with a similar population in Compton. Mr. Alvillar is presently working toward developing his own private coaching practice, specializing in relationships, and working with men seeking to increase their personal self-awareness and emotional intelligence. He has studied Hawaiian and South American esoteric spirituality. He has been trained as a life-coach and holds a certificate as a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
A program which weaves art & music into a unique and unprecedented therapeutic intervention. A very structured methodology for accurately assessing the nature of a problem and for monitoring treatment progress. A groundbreaking artistic mediation which addresses deep emotional core issues unobtrusively and can overcome clients resistance to change.
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Chantal Desmoulins c/o Zaradich, 333 W. Broadway # 653 ANAHEIM, CA 92815 When therapists choose to use the CAP methodology that combines drawing under musical induction, writing and verbalization, they provide their clients with a very efficient tool to become active participants in their own treatment and thus facilitate self-discovery, change, and restoration.
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